Terms and Conditions

Terms of Participation / Terms of Business

These Terms of Participation govern the relations between you (the Member) and the portal geburtstagskalender.online as well as the handling of yours entered data. As Portal geburtstagskalender.online, hereinafter referred to as geburtstagskalender.online, we understand the website, as well as possibly other media forms, e.g. special apps for mobile devices.

  1. Membership
    1. Persons eligible to participate are at least 18 years of age. Adolescents under 18 years of age are required participation of the consent of his or her legal representative.
    2. You're compelled to sign up with a valid email address to register all personal data truthfully and keep this and your account information up-to-date.
    3. The membership is free of charge and starts with the form-free confirmation of the membership by geburtstagskalender.online after successful registration. However, an extended VIP Membership with additional functions can be purchased at a charge.
    4. Your nickname / first name may be used by us during the day's bursaries.

  2. Guarantees and liability waivers when using the public calendar
    1. In the personal settings you can use your collected Publish calendar data.
    2. You warrant that you have all necessary authorizations and sufficient rights to publish data from third parties, including with regard to all regulations contained in these terms and conditions.
    3. You hereby indemnify us from all claims by third parties which, because of the infringement of their rights, are asserted against us on the basis of the content you provide. You reimburse us the costs of prosecution arising out of your infringing content. You agree to assist us in the process of meeting all third-party claims based on your content and, in particular, to provide us with all documents necessary for defense.
    4. You agree to release geburtstagskalender.online for any expenses incurred as a result of a breach of any of the warranties under this Section 3.
    5. If you violate the rules of these terms and conditions, your account may be blocked or deleted for a limited period of time. If a paid account is available, no money will be refunded in case of cancellation or blocking.

  3. Term of the contract / termination
    1. The contract runs indefinitely and is free in the Basic Membership.
    2. It can be terminated on both sides.
    3. An optional VIP Membership can be purchased for a period of time.
    4. You can terminate your membership at any time by deleting your master data. All data will be lost. Reimbursement of the pro rata annual amount for a VIP membership does not take place.
    5. A fee-based VIP Membership automatically changes to an unlimited Basic Basic Membership after expiration of the term of the contract. The benefits of paid membership are lost.
    6. If a breach of these conditions of participation is made, the contract can be terminated immediately by us. A claim for a reimbursement of the pro rata annual amount in the case of a paid VIP membership will not be given in case of cancellation for important reasons.
    7. A free basic membership can be terminated by us at any time without giving reasons at the end of the month.
    8. A VIP membership which can be paid is terminated at any time by us at the end of the quarter, with a possible pro rata balance being reimbursed by us.
Terms and Conditions